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Bundr is the go to market place for advertisers wanting to promote their brands and products on behalf of local retailers and businesses through social media marketing.

The Problem

Advertisers have no tools to enable widespread targeted promotion of their brand or products through social media advertising where there is a guaranteed link between specific local retailers/point-of-sale and their geographic targeted audience.

Local retailers rarely advertise to promote a brand or product itself but only advertise to move specific products at a specific price.

The Solution

Bundr, a web-platform where:


  • Can be entrepreneurs by creating a local retailer network where income is earned through commission on ad spend and posts placed by advertisers.
  • Can exploit any business type (market segment) and operate in any geolocation.


  • Are able to promote brands or products through advertising on social media platforms on behalf of ’local’ retailers by using the local retailer’s own social media channels.
  • Are able to create promotional posts on the timeline of local retailer’s social media platforms.
  • Are able to select local retailers to advertise through by matching them with brands and product lines they stock and sell in their stores.
  • Are able to increase reseller engagement by sponsoring advertisements and posts.


  • Can get free promotional advertising from brands, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Can determine what ads or posts they accept from the Advertiser.
  • Are rewarded with increased sales through free promotional advertising.
  • Can post to their own social media platforms for free
  • Can set the brands and product (lines) they sell to enhance the chance of getting free brand promotion.

Meet the Founders

Toby Demelker

Toby Demelker

Chief Operations Officer

Toby Demelker

Location: the Netherlands

Responsible for overseeing the day to day operational tasks are carried out, and are effective and aligned with the strategy required to ensure maximum utilisation of the Bundr platform. This includes spearheading new initiatives and changes as and where necessary.

Toby will also be responsible for aligning new business requirements required to develop the platform as the business evolves.